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Below we have listed some options for you...

  • We can quote for and carry out all repairs. Leave your car with us and we will sort everything out for you, including a free re-test.
  • You may be eligible for a free next day re-test if your car has failed on some smaller items. Click here to see the list of free re-test items.
  • Take the car away, repair it yourself or get it repaired by others, book in for a re-test within 10 days and pay a reduced rate re-test fee of £22.

MOT re-tests

Free MOT re-test

Return your car to us for both the rectification work and the re-test within 10 working days and your MOT re-test is FREE!

If your car is booked in and presented by the end of the next working day (provided an appointment is available) for 1 or more of the list of free re-test items then your MOT re-test is FREE! -1 MOT re-test per failure only!

Reduced rate re-test fee

A reduced rate re-test fee of £22 is available if your vehicle is repaired elsewhere, pre-booked and presented to us within 10 working days. – 1 MOT re-test per failure only!

Outside of 10 days?

Please do not blame us for the restricted timeframe available for re-tests as this is strictly imposed on us by the Government. Every time we enter your car on the system – they are looking for a fee!

Pre-book your MOT re-test

Get an MOT re-test in one of our Hampshire garages. Pre-book your test to avoid any inconveniences.

Please note: All re-tests must be pre-booked and left for a full morning or afternoon (i.e. for a minimum of 4 hours). This condition is due to the time slots we are allocated by the Government. We are unable to carry out any re-test on a Saturday at any sites.

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We are approved by Trading Standards to ensure that we operate in a legal, honest and fair way.
We provide a "No nonsense guarantee" on all of our work. All repairs carried out come complete with a Nationwide Guarantee. You don't have to pay any extra for this!